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Pauline Rigby is a professional speaker. Once an awarded Toastmaster, she has now been affiliated with the National Speakers Association of Australia since 2004. Her speeches encompass the wide range of issues that confront our lived experience in 2006 and she addresses them through the different lenses of ethics, philosophy, theology and deep ecology.

Pauline studied ethics and philosophy at Griffith University and the University of Queensland. She studied theology at the Banyo Seminary in Brisbane and this together with her work with Joanna Macy has given her the vision of ‘deep ecology’. She has worked at the ‘grassroots’ as a ‘community development’ worker.

Pauline has researched the nuclear industry since 1997 and has established International links with scientists, service personnel and civilians affected by the growth of militarism and the fallout from nuclear facilities and uranium weapons.

Using humour and history, Pauline Rigby shines an entertaining light on our human condition.


A thought provoking keynote address that questions if human rights are possible in an Industrial Growth Society and searches for an inclusive paradigm within philosophy and ethics.

• Do we need to define ‘who’ is ‘human’?

• Can business ethics incorporate human rights?

• Whose voices have been silenced?

• Who are the prominent Western philosophers?

• What is an ethic of care and an ethic of justice?

• Who defines ‘a terrorist’, are you and I terrorists?

• Have we forgotten that all life forms are inextricably linked?

and so much more . . .


A keynote address detailing the history of the nuclear industry and its impact on communities across the globe and throughout history.

• The history behind the International Commission on Radiological Protection and the European Committee on Radiation Risk

• The deal between the World Health Organization and the International Atomic Energy Agency

• The selling of uranium mining tailings to indigenous communities to build houses

• The cancer and leukaemia clusters around nuclear power plants

• Uranium weapons and their consequences.

and so much more . . .


This keynote address touches the very core of spiritual belief systems and how they shapes us and the world we live in

• Is it possible to define who God is?

• What does it mean to be ‘created in the image of God’?

• Ethical problems that arise from a metaphorical theology that only images ‘God’ in the masculine

• What does it mean to have ‘dominion over the earth’?

• What did the ancient mystics say about God?

• Has ‘someone’ been ‘editing’ the bible to secure an unjust agenda?

and so much more . . .

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