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  Your Future with Depleted Uranium”

This booklet explains the history and practice, from the 1940's - 2006 of using uranium as a weapon of war. Depleted uranium is radioactive waste from the enrichment process that prepares uranium ore for use in nuclear power generation.
This radioactive waste is now recycled and manufactured into weapons and military tank armor. Its use across the world has resulted in the uranium contamination of service personnel and civilians, giving rise to an unprecedented increase in birth defects, cancers and leukaemia.

"Your Future with Depleted Uranium", provides an introduction to International law as it relates to depleted uranium weapons. There are links to the three International War Crimes Tribunals that have been held following the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan and their findings relating to depleted uranium weapons. It reveals the 'depleted uranium' contamination of Defence Training facilities across the world.
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Sustainable Self Publishing
This booklet “Your Future with Depleted Uranium,” provides vital information in a brief, clear and affordable publication. The design, editing and publication, took place in my local community. The booklet is printed on a paper stock that comes from 100% of consumer waste, with an ecologically sound manufacturing process. The price reflects the ‘cost’ of ethical publishing.

Sustainable Postage:
Large discounts are available for individuals and groups who band together to make up the number of booklets that fit into postage boxes, designed by ‘Australia Post’. Those who combine to place a bulk order can also share the cost of postage.

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